Retired Life?

The image above is Topaz Lake, Nv. It is a hand-stitched . and dimensioned three images high and about 14 images wide.

The Image to the Left is a Swallow Tail Butterfly taken with a Telephoto lens and a 45-year-old Nikon #1 close-up adapter that screw on the front of a lens.

McWay Falls, South of Big Sur, California

Mcway Falls State Park. This image was shot using a Telephoto lens and used a little over 30 images hand-stitched together. The images were shot from the Left-hand lower corner upwards to the top, each column was then shot shifting over to the next column. I tried in all cases to have a 15 to 20% overlap on the top and bottom.

The hardest part of stitching was getting the waves to become seamless. I didn’t track the hours it took but it took over a month working an hour here and there.